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Our Story

Founded in 2017 by Caltech, MIT and Carnegie Mellon grads, each with almost three decades of experience in successfully commercializing and transacting AI / aerospace technologies, NOVI is solving some of the biggest problems associated with today’s Earth Observation (EO) services.

NOVI’s on-board edge computing and low-cost multi-sensor satellites significantly reduce cost, complexity and latency associated with usage of space-based data, democratizing access for all to enable widespread adoption and usage of EO capabilities (which are estimated to add $3.8T to the economy by 2030). The company has already delivered flight edge processing hardware to STP for in-space testing on the ISS as part of the H10 mission. It is also launching another spacecraft on the Transporter 12 mission in Oct 2024 that incorporates its Gen 2.0 edge processor based on the AMD Versal architecture.


The NOVI team is collocated in Arlington, VA outside of DC, and has deep domain knowledge and experience in the full satellite hardware / software life-cycle including mission CONOPS and requirements development, integrated spacecraft design, hardware fabrication and procurement, AI&T, launch and regulatory licensing support, and in-space mission-operations.

Our Team

Company Timeline









SEED payload launch and integration onto ISS - expected early 2025

LIME CubeSat Launch - expected late 2024

NOVI to deliver LIME CubeSat for launch - expected summer 2024

NOVI finishes development of a Gen 2 on-board computer

NOVI delivers SEED edge-processing imager payload to STP for integration onto the International Space Station

NOVI receives follow-on MDA award supporting in-space testing of its edge processing hardware / software

PAVE-AI, INC spins out from NOVI

NOVI receives AFRL contract to build our first 3U satellite for the LIME mission

MOOG partners with NOVI for commercialization of in-orbit edge intelligence solutions

Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF) awards NOVI to further "Remote Imaging and AI-based Flaw Detection for Pavement and Infrastructure Maintenance"

NOVI receives MDA Phase II award for "On-Orbit Processing Demonstration for Small Satellite Payload"

NOVI receives NASA Phase I SBIR to develop reconfigurable small-sats

CIT GAP Funds makes follow-on investment in NOVI

NOVI starts work on a flexible small satellite bus for rapid deployment through AFRL

NOVI begins work on Air Force Phase II SBIR using neural net algorithms to identify distressed areas of pavement from drone-based images of roadways and parking lots

NOVI is awarded an NSF SBIR award to demonstrate on-board data fusion and processing for multi-sensor small satellites

NOVI receives Army phase I and Phase II awards for neural net based works.

NOVI receives Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) award for "Next-Generation, Intelligent, and Autonomous Satellites for an Emerging New Space Industry"

CIT GAP Funds invests in NOVI to further the development of the small satellite market

NOVI wins 3rd place at the first Hyperspace Data Analytics Challenge Accelerator

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